Leads Team

Rodney Wardwell

Lead Pastor
Retro video games are his love language.

Jeremy Frisinger

Executive Pastor
Occasionally referred to by his alter ego, "Flowchart".

Scott Fenton

South Kitsap Lead Pastor
 If John Cougar Mellencamp ever wins an Oscar, he will be a very rich man.

Annie Roberts

SLAM Program Lead
Reigning World Champion
at H-O-R-S-E.

Pastors & Directors

Adam Roberts

Worship & Creative Pastor
(Central + SH)
Is in a committed relationship with fish tacos.


Youth Pastor  (SH)
Doesn't go a day without eating Baby Goldfish (The crackers... He's not a savage)

Heidi Keeler

Development Pastor (Central + SH)
Is probably sitting next to a space heater right now.

Jill Thaut

Newhope Kids Pastor (Central + SH)
Believes every food is improved when in the form of nachos. 

JMarie Kola

Community Groups (SH)
Better at making connections than Legos.

Matt LaCombe

Youth Pastor + Groups (SK)
The only time he sets the bar low is for limbo.

Brittany Waldbillig

Worship Pastor + Operations (SK)
May be addicted to houseplants.  
Like for real... send help.

Rachelle Mellick

Newhope Kids Pastor (SK)
Why, yes... This is, in fact, her natural hair color.


Newhope Kids Pastor (SH)
Is the human version of an Etsy shop.